Volare Project: How The Volare Project is Using a Blockchain and Market Strategy to Accelerate

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Why Volare Network The Best Blockchain Gaming Network

Volare Network — Looking for ways to boost your blockchain gaming experience? You’re in the right place. Volare is an innovative and collaborative platform that connecting game creators, developers, and gamers in a single space. It’s the perfect environment for all parties involved, as it provides them with opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Let’s take a closer look at why Volare network is the best blockchain gaming network out there.

Today, the video game industry is a $50 billion market. According to Statista, this number is projected to almost double in size by 2021. But with such a massive market, there are many challenges that the video game industry must face. High-priced games, low-quality user experiences, and fragmented communities all contribute to an uneasy atmosphere for gamers today.

So why Volare Network? Because of its focus on providing solutions for these problems with blockchain technology and Smart Contract features. Their solution does this through a decentralized system of nodes, making it easier for content creators and users to connect directly without intermediaries bringing high entry barriers or network congestion as we see with current centralized networks like STEAM or Google Play. With Volare Network anyone can create their own custom token and start their own Gaming Node network based on the ERC20 standard.

Bypassing Centralized Networks

Centralized gaming networks like STEAM, Google Play, and Xbox Live have been dominating the video game world for years. However, they have been doing this by controlling user accounts, data, and funds by having full ownership of the user’s assets. The main problem with centralized gaming networks is that they hold all the power in their hands. If a user violates a certain policy, then they can easily ban the user’s account. This makes centralized gaming networks prone to censorship. This is where decentralized networks like Volare Network come in. Decentralized networks have no single owner or authority. Instead, they are created by a community of nodes. Those nodes are connected through a consensus mechanism and incentivized by a token-based system. Because decentralized networks don’t control any centralized authority, they eliminate the risk of censorship. In other words, decentralized networks will level the playing field for gamers.

Smart Contract Advantages

Volare Network uses smart contracts to bind different parties together in a trustless gaming environment. These contracts will work with the help of True Blocks (True Blocks are actually containers that carry a complete set of information about the game that is being played). They will hold the rules, terms, and conditions of the game, along with the win/lose conditions. True Blocks will also hold the user’s assets and winnings. Now, this is the crucial part. True Blocks will be controlled by the code inside smart contracts. This code works like a set of instructions that are executed when certain conditions are met. You can think of smart contracts as advanced, self-executing agreements that are stored on blockchains and cannot be altered or hacked. These smart contracts are programmed to execute certain tasks if and when a certain condition is met. For example, if a certain user wins a certain game or reaches a certain level, then the smart contract will release the winnings to the user.

Storage and Back-Up of User Data

One of the biggest problems with centralized gaming networks is that they don’t allow the user to keep control of their data. Instead, these gaming networks store the user’s data on their own servers. With Volare Network, however, data will be stored on the blockchain. That way, users can keep a secure and permanent backup of their data. Moreover, data is distributed across a decentralized network. So no single node owns the data or has control over the user’s information. Moreover, decentralized networks make it easier for users to take control of their data. They can easily access their data across different nodes on the network.

Volare Gaming Nodes

If you are looking to start your own gaming node, then you will need to go through a KYC process. The KYC process will check your identity and decide if you are eligible to run a Gaming Node. If you are, then you will be given a particular amount of VLR tokens. You can then use those tokens to start your own Gaming Node for any game of your choice. There are two types of Gaming Nodes. There are Volare Gaming Nodes, and there are Creator Gaming Nodes. The Volare Gaming Nodes are created by a user who holds VLR tokens. The Creator Gaming Nodes, on the other hand, are created by a user who holds CR Tokens.

How Does Volare Network Help Gamers Today?

We have seen how Volare Network is a decentralized gaming network that aims to provide solutions for the problems of today’s gaming industry. But how will it actually do that? There will be two ways that Volare Network will help gamers today. The first is the creation of a seamless gaming experience across different nodes. Second, it will create a more streamlined experience for users to buy and sell games.

Why Is There A Need For Blockchain Gaming?

Currently, the gaming industry generates billions of dollars each year. But despite its growth, this industry is fraught with a number of challenges that are keeping it from reaching its full potential. With centralized gaming networks, for example, higher entry barriers, network congestion, and censorship are common issues. Moreover, these centralized gaming networks are not optimized for the needs of modern gamers. They create an uneasy atmosphere for gamers by storing data in centralized servers, and causing network congestion.

Volare Token And The Volare Network

The Volare Network is a decentralized gaming network that uses blockchain technology to provide solutions for the issues of today’s gaming industry. The network aims to create a seamless gaming experience across different gaming nodes. It also hopes to create a streamlined experience for users to buy and sell games. The network does this by using smart contracts, storing data in blockchain, and creating gaming nodes for users to earn tokens for playing games. Volare tokens (VLR) are the native token that fuels the Volare Network. They are used to create gaming nodes, reward gamers, and pay for games.

Features Token

  • DEX: Volare Network DEX enables the exchange of digital resources in the environment. The tokens’ benefits consist of exchanges for various resources. Volare Asset has its own local DEX that provides 100 percent decentralized trade administration, allowing clients to exchange digital assets on a secure, efficient platform. In contrast to Centralized Exchanges, where clients’ assets are held and the trading framework is governed by a third party, clients have complete control over their own assets. Voare DEX enables Peer-to-Peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchange mechanism. On the DEX platform, exchanges are normally secure.
  • Volare Network API Features permit enhancements to the biological system as a whole. Clients can leverage the platform’s API on a high-quality blockchain network. Developers can create games and DApps on Valore Chain by constructing a variety of tokens on the platform, thereby enhancing the usability and security of the network.
  • Whisper MSG: This is another another wonderful element of the Volare ecosystem,. This is an informative environment framework. It is an informative DApp on the Volare network that enables clients to exchange messages privately. Customers can employ the informative application without providing personal information. Murmur alerting software is installed with a high level of safety and security. It features an integrated wallet feature that enables clients to keep various digital assets within the company.


Tokenomics Tokenomics provides the allocation or distribution of tokens as a percentage of the total supply.

Private Sale: 15%

Public Sale: 5%

Reserve: 40 percent

Marketing (Airdrop, bounty campaign, etc.): 5% R&D: 25%

Team and Associates: 8%

2% of the workforce is composed of advisors.

Final Word

What Can We Expect From Blockchain Gaming?

The future of gaming looks promising thanks to blockchain technology. The rise of blockchain gaming is a sign that the industry is heading in the right direction. With decentralized gaming networks, blockchain technology promises to provide solutions to the issues of today’s gaming industry. It will manage to create a seamless gaming experience across different nodes. It will also create a more streamlined experience for users to buy and sell games. To sum it up, blockchain gaming will be more transparent, convenient, and secure.

Volare Network blockchain gaming ecosystem that connects game developers, gamers and investors. first decentralized network that caters to all participants in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. In this article, we explain why Volare Network is the best network for accelerating adoption of blockchain in gaming. We have seen a massive growth in the number of gamers worldwide who are willing to spend more time and money on games, particularly online multiplayer experiences. This has led to an increased demand for these types of games with virtual economies, which has also opened up opportunities for game developers everywhere. But as with any new technology, there are certain challenges developers must overcome before adoption can accelerate even further.

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