Introducing MovieBiz Coin, the Future of Film Funding Blockchain Based

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Moviebiz Coin

Moviebiz Coin is the newest member of the crypto-currency revolution. A bold vision to give filmmakers and producers the ability to easily fund their projects and, a venue to showcase them to a global audience of buyers is set to change how movies are made.

MovieBiz Coin The Future of Film Funding

The future of film funding will be in the hands of the people and the new cryptocurrency MovieBiz Coin is an example of that. The cryptocurrency is designed to provide independent filmmakers and investors with a transparent, fair and secure environment to make and distribute films. It is backed by blockchain technology, and is a new type of payment method that makes it easier for investors to participate in the funding process.

The MovieBiz Coin has a plan to raise funds. The idea is to attract a variety of marketers and investors to contribute to the development of the new movie industry. As it uses blockchain technology, it has created smart contracts that prevent scalping of tickets. With the help of the MovieBiz Coin, filmmakers will have better access to funding opportunities around the world. However, this type of project is not yet ready for a mainstream launch.

The MovieBiz Coin platform was developed with filmmakers in mind. It seeks to make sure that the filmmakers are adequately compensated for their work, and that their content is showcased on a global platform. Furthermore, the technology is able to create an online market for the movie content they create. This means that they can reach a wider audience and attract a variety of investors.

One of the goals of the MovieBiz Coin project is to create a global film marketplace for independent filmmakers. It will allow film industry stakeholders to access a broader market. Through the platform, users can vote for their favorite film talent and even give tips to their favorite artists. With the MovieBiz Coin, the filmmaking process becomes more accessible to people who are interested in the financial aspects of the moviemaking process.

The MovieBiz Coin platform is a blockchain-based film investment platform. It will help independent filmmakers and advertisers gain access to film revenues. With the help of Moviebiz Coin, moviemakers will be able to invest in multiple films simultaneously. The blockchain will also allow them to track their earnings, so investors can choose the best film. This will improve their chances of becoming successful. There are several benefits of using the cryptocurrency.

The MovieBiz Coin is a decentralized film platform with the aim of supporting independent filmmakers. Its users will be able to make multiple investments and use the $MBZ cryptocurrency to do so. In addition to the decentralized film funding, the moviebiz coin token will act as a payment gateway to merchants that accept the cryptocurrency. It will be listed on Sphynx Pad, which will help its native $MBZ token gain more popularity.

A decentralized film platform will allow investors to invest in multiple films. The Moviebiz Coin blockchain will allow investors to invest in multiple films. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, the Moviebiz coin will be backed by a third-party, making it a trusted and secure movie investing platform. The initial supply of the cryptocurrency is 410 million $MBZ. There are three million tokens allocated to IDOs, and the initial offer price is $0.08 per token.

The MovieBiz Coin project is a new cryptocurrency that supports independent film makers. It is a cryptocurrency that is backed by independent movie makers, filmmakers and investors. The company has a reputation for focusing on movies with strong impact and strong stories. The coin will be backed by blockchain technology, but it will be a purely virtual currency, not a real one.

The MovieBiz Coin blockchain is an ideal platform for film financing. The technology has many advantages. The MovieBizCoin ecosystem is a decentralized platform. The Mogul system allows fans to vote for their favorite movies. This is social proof that the movie is popular. Unlike traditional movie-making businesses, the Mogul system gives the filmmakers a significant advantage in distribution deals.

Moviebiz Coin Tokemomic

Total Supply 410,000,000 Tokens
Seed $ 150,000 (5,000,000 Tokens)
Private Round $ 250,000 (5,000,000 Tokens)
Launchpad $ 240,000 (3,000,000 Tokens)
PublicSale (110,000,000 Tokens)

Seed Investors0.03 Dollars ( 5,000,000 Tokens)
Private Sale0.05 Dollars ( 5,000,000 Tokens)
LaunchPad0.08 Dollars (3,000,000 Tokens)
Public Sale PriceMarket Driven ( 110,000,000 Tokens)


Moviebiz coin is a unique cryptocurrency based project that seeks to fulfill its vision of providing a trusted platform where independent filmmakers can get their projects funded by the masses based on the concept of crowdfunding.

Though there are quite a few digital currencies in the market today, Moviebiz coin stands out for its dedicated and vibrant community of movie buffs from around the world. With a revolutionary vision and a dedicated team, MBZ is sure to shine as an inspiring force in the world of digital crypto currency.


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