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IDO Launchpad Services On Multi-chain — Introduction

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AVNRich — What lies ahead is a world where all parts function in harmony. Because of the various choices to adapt or integrate into the existing, the developments will be easy to implement. Companies in the information technology sector are eager to offer these adaptable or compatible concepts to a wider clientele. The new instances of the market are launchpads that support many chains.

The most positive effect will come from the development of launchpads compatible with several chains, as this will increase the visibility of cutting-edge startups and the number of investors willing to back them.
When two markets are compatible, they may reach a significantly bigger audience.

One of the most well-known and widely used forms of crowdfunding in the cryptocurrency industry is the Initial DEX Offering. The market for individuals who provide IDO launchpad services on multi-chain would explode if the idea of compatibility is introduced into the IDO launchpad.

In order to spread the word about our project, AVNRich is creating the “AVNRich Project Ambassador Program,” and we need people who are passionate, devoted, and inventive to participate as our spokesmen. You will be responsible for creating interesting banners, infographics, videos, and blogs to promote our project across multiple social media channels in an effort to improve project exposure and IDO submissions.

In this capacity, you will support AVNRich in reaching its marketing goals and objectives, such as spreading the word about our initiatives, products, and services, keeping eyes on our competitors’ endeavors, and acting as a spokesperson for the company at launch events and other related occasions.

The AVNRich Launchpad (AVNpad) token sale platform is an excellent approach for entrepreneurs to raise capital before going public. The AVNPAD platform combines and incorporates AVN into the token sale process.

What is AVNpad

AVNpad is a brand-new platform developed to increase liquidity, facilitate token distribution, and enhance the DEX multichain IDO launchpad. AVNPAD eliminates first come, first served by leveraging automated bots ensuring fair decentralized launches in which everyone who invests AVN gets a guaranteed allocation to participate in IDO.

The approval procedures of our platform need to be completed in their totality first for any project to be able to get off the ground on AVNPad. Our number one priority is to ensure that all AVNPAD investors are safeguarded, since this is one of our key purposes. In order to be included on AVNPad, all projects must first complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process with our partners.

In addition, AVNPad must undergo extensive auditing and verification to protect its investors from fraud and other forms of financial mismanagement. The AVNRich team and relevant partners will assess the status of IDOs before they are carried out.

Explain Why You’re Using AVNpad

Put your money into avn and use it to buy avnpad IDOs tokens. To take part in AVNPAD In-Depth Operations, participants must have and stake AVN on AVNPAD in accordance with the tiers of eligibility (IDOs).

With Shop Worldwide by AVNRich, several vendors can set up shop under a single virtual roof. AVNRich made Shop Global. Thousands of vendors and tens of thousands of products may all be managed smoothly within the system.

The objective of this campaign is to attract the attention of wholesalers, brands, and company owners so that we can aid them in growing their enterprises and expanding their consumer base around the globe. This marketplace includes the necessary infrastructure and tools to support the listing and sale of products from any industry.

Your e-commerce platform supports AVN as a payment option and a means of exchanging value. In order to take part in AVN Farming, you must first offer AVN or BNB liquidity in exchange for LP Tokens, and then stake those LP Tokens.

Participating in AVN Farming will offer you AVN benefits over time. You may save up these rewards and then use them to purchase additional LP Tokens.

Staking your AVN tokens will allow you to earn extra AVN tokens if you choose to participate in this activity. To obtain additional tokens, you may at any time harvest your AVN and re-stake it. You can get free AVNRich tokens ($AVN) and other perks by using the AVN Shop Reward network, such as rewards, incentives, and a referral program.
Tokens of AVNRich (AVN) are explained.

The Binance Smart Chain Network is home to the AVNRich coin, a decentralized e-commerce token that can be used to earn rewards through purchasing, staking, farming, and IDO. In AVNRich store, buyers and sellers can interact in a multi-vendor marketplace. The platform supports thousands of merchants and products.

To enable wholesalers, brands, and entrepreneurs expand their businesses and reach more people globally. The infrastructure for listing and selling goods is included into this coin ($AVN). Build a community that enriches lives. Goals for $AVN include happy suppliers, happy buyers, and happy backers. Offering prizes and services acknowledges trust.

Purchase and Barter Exchanges where you can buy or sell AVNRich Token (AVN) right now include Pancakeswap, Poocoin, BKEXGlobal, ZT, and JUBI. We are also aware that when and on which exchange AVNRich will be later listed is a big worry for investors.

By listing on major exchanges, we may boost AVNRich’s legitimacy, profile, and potential, and draw the attention of more investors throughout the globe.


So, what lessons can be drawn from this? It’s wonderful to see a project develop a platform for supporting others. Most so-called “decentralized” platforms are still working on their own blockchain and token, while AVNPAD is discovering innovative methods to offer a service that will benefit the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

AVNPAD is a revolutionary platform whose mission is to assist global startups and existing businesses in developing a new token economy. To accomplish this, you must increase AVNPAD’s visibility and encourage more people to join our community.

With the assistance of consultants and partners, AVNpad will promote AVN through marketing channels. This platform aims to provide a user-friendly website, mobile applications, a simple token listing procedure, and security assessment processes, making it one of the best platforms for launching a cryptocurrency.

This is wonderful news for everyone, because it demonstrates that those in the blockchain business still desire to collaborate for the benefit of all parties. In the end, this can assist increase the value of all tokens, including those outside of AVNPAD.

On November 25 at 9:00am EST, the AVN/USDT trading pair will launch on the Bitmart Exchange, and on November 28 users will be able to access their deposits. However, you aren’t concentrating on that specific problem. You must be thrilled by the news that AVNRich (AVN) will soon be traded on the MEXC Global market.

Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/avnrich

Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/avnrich-token/

Bitmart : https://www.bitmart.com/trade/en?symbol=AVN_USDT&layout=basic

BKEK Global: https://www.bkex.com/trade/AVN_USDT

More Information AVNRich

Website: http://avnpad.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/avnrich_chat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/avnrich
Medium: https://avnrich.medium.com/
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aye_4fcz7nie7m_kindzvz9h6vyl29vr/view
Litepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kupa2kdir-bztsczeentx4umj8xhunby/view
Smart Contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0xbf151f63d8d1287db5fc7a3bc104a9c38124cdeb
Trade AVN on Mexc: https://www.mexc.com/exchange/AVN_USDT


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